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Tesla, an integral partner to Fusion projects around the World.

Nuclear fusion; the process that powers the Sun, releases energy by means of the fusing of two hydrogen atoms to form one helium atom.  Adopting this process on Earth, as part of a next generation power station,1Kg of fusion fuel has the potential to provide the equivalent energy to 10 million Kg of fossil fuel, cleanly and from a potentially limitless fuel.

Nuclear fusion reactions require the formation of a plasma of fuel, which can be achieved at temperatures over 100 million degrees. Sustaining this extremely thin and fragile plasma requires a sophisticated magnetic confinement system, which prevents contamination and cooling by the material surfaces.

This is where Tesla come in. Tesla is supporting and enabling this international research effort, through the specialist supply of the critical magnetic confinement components for fusion experiments around the World, including:

Left: MAST central rod

Background & right: Fusion plasma and MAST-U render courtesy of CCFE


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