Tesla Engineering Ltd Magnet Division



Tesla contract to build 17 dipoles for SESAME in cooperation with CERN.

“The dipoles are complex components and the quality of the manufacturing will have a direct impact on the performance..." 

"Not many companies in Europe can do this kind of job.”

Attilio Milanese (CERN).

Tesla Engineering Ltd's first products were resistive magnets and this is still a key part of our business activity. Many of the World's research institutions have magnets and coils supplied by Tesla that have been reliable and in service for more than 30 years.

Tesla designs and manufactures resistive magnets for a varied range of applications. Amongst these are magnets for:

3 dipole bending magnets for CERN / SESAME
  • Beam line optics for high energy physics
  • Ion implantation
  • Magnets and coils for wind or water power generation
  • Novel therapeutic applications
  • Semi-conductor manufacture
  • Electron beam processing
  • Nuclear Fusion


1-off or by the 1000. Tesla design, prototype and productionise specialist magnets for applications in high energy physics, medicine and industry.

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