Tesla Engineering Ltd Magnet Division



Tesla offer the full range of magnet support, from basic servicing through to complete factory repair.

Our highly experienced team are skilled in the service and support of superconducting magnets from all the major suppliers including: Tesla, Magnex, Varian and Agilent.

"We greatly appreciate the help from Tesla. Your engineers' detailed knowledge, expertise and experience was absolutely essential in ramping our UHF human research system back to field"

Prof. Hoby Hetherington, Director MR Research Center, University of Pittsburgh

Magnet Simulation
  • Factory repair, refurbishment and replacement
  • Magnet relocation and re-installation
  • Site planning
  • Annual magnet health check and on site service
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Service and support contracts


If you have an MRI magnet, we have the independent expert team to service and support it.

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