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Tesla manufacture a wide range of Superconducting magnets for OEM clinical and research MRI systems.

Tesla Engineering is pleased to announce a next generation whole body 9.4T magnet and HFC14 gradient system has now been successfully tested and is being supplied to an academic research facility in Asia.

The Tesla portfolio of UHF products includes the Compact 7T whole body active shield magnets, 9.4T whole body zero‐ boil off magnets, and 11.74T head only magnets as well as a full range of state‐of‐the‐art high field gradient coils.

These UHF magnet and gradient systems are used for scientific and medical research, for structural and functional imaging of the brain and other anatomies.

Researchers using UHF MRI systems hope that their research will contribute to earlier disease detection, more accurate diagnosis and increased effectiveness of investigational therapies for disorders and diseases such as cancer, stroke, epilepsy, drug abuse, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, head injury, visual disorders and schizophrenia.

In support of these research efforts, Tesla expanded its superconducting manufacturing facilities to increase production capacity for UHF magnets used in MRI systems for GE, other OEMs and end users. Tesla offers:

Photo by courtesy of GE

  • The industry's most experienced design team for UHF MRI magnets

  • New $5M magnet manufacturing facility

  • Design, prototyping and production for the complete range of magnets 3-12T and above

  • The latest zero-boil off and cryogen free cryogenic technology


GE Healthcare collaborates with Tesla Engineering Ltd. to produce Ultra High-Field 7.0T MRI systems for research institutions.

“This agreement will enable GE to deepen and broaden our collaborations with leading MRI academics and visionaries, sharing our collective expertise and missions in technology, science and medicine.”

“The GE 7.0T community in the US, Europe and Asia has already demonstrated breakthrough observations and understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury and cognitive physiology. Together, we will continue to push the frontiers of MRI for neuroscience and other applications.”

Richard Hausmann, president and CEO of GE Healthcare, MR

Tesla GE 7T MRI Delivery Poland
Tesla 9.4T Superconducting magnet

For examples of our existing products please refer to our UHF Magnet flyer

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